Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trudeau goes high when Trump slumps low . . .

has never created a single job

   nor fed a single family."

~ Canadian PM Justin Trudeau speaks true @ UN
 against Trump threat to world . . . LISTEN IN:

Fear-mongering dangers of Trump mania must be stopped, for the good of our America, the good of our World, and absolutely folks, for goodness sake.

Involve yourself as you sense best.

Inspire what matters.

Make America not hate again.

~ Citizen Kate, absolutely

Friday, February 17, 2017

Make America Not Hate Again

Welcome superb readers,

to our political cast of 2017 giving good credence (and clear water) to what matters . . . and slamming what reeks of the underbelly that agitates you where you sure as heck don't wish to be agitated.

Our America is in a tricky place today. One with a fake resident in the White House unelected by the popular vote of the people, by the people and for the people, emanating from a fake election once better powers that be shine a light on Russian riggings. The tricky place? Balance. As in keeping yours -- past needless ego-spewings of electoral numbers and distraction-deflections conjured to not face the simple, thus strong entity, known charmingly as ~ the truth.

The big numbers though are coming out in full force and light
(and delight) in the largest grass roots effort ever of folks standing up and shouting out. Good folks, great folks, caring past despairing folks, speaking their voices of better choices adamantly to their senators and representatives to #Resist and #DoYourJob and #JustSayNo when the truth is disdained. Why, some of these folks were even ready to shoot the moon in Chicago as they turned and did to Trump Tower a few days ago. (That's class, not ass.)

Let's get out of this tricky stuff and help all our worlds spin better, shall we?

Let's make America not hate again.

~ world citizen Kate . . . absolutely